Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drinking Breastmilk and Driving a Dangerous Combination

Poll: What is more dangerous to yourself and others.

1. Driving while talking on a cell phone.
2. Driving while eating
3. Driving while not buckled up
4. Driving while not buckled up AND breastfeeding!

I think I'd pick #4. A 47 year old woman in Germany disagrees though. She was objecting to being pulled over by an officer for doing exactly that because she thought it was ok to do since she was so close to home and would have made it safely.

I'm sorry, but I can just imagine the little one suddenly squirming, and she swerves into another late and boom. Rocket baby with milk thrusters happens. Crazy.

Now, there are 4 issues for me in this story. 1. Woman not buckled up. 2. Babies are supposed to be in the back seat in those damned puzzle like seats that are impossible to undo. Did she pull the baby out while driving? 3. Breastfeeding an unsecured baby in a moving vehicle. 4. 47 years old??? 18 month baby??? Breastfeeding?? Does this woman win an oldest mom award?  Also, a little too old to be at the boob?

They were fined for "failing to provide proper security for herself or her child"

I wonder though why the baby wasn't given a fine for drinking while driving.